Thursday, August 11, 2011

Choosing Change through Rebellion

Rebellion is the act of mentally or physically defying the expectations an individual or society has set for one. Although rebellion is normally bad, this is not always the case. God said through Samuel in I Sam. 15:23 that "rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft."

Clarifying the definition of sinful rebellion as defiance of the expectations God has set for us frees us from obligations to follow the rest of society. In fact, there are certain classes of people who must disobey the traditional social conventions of their set in order to follow God. Most of these conventions have resulted from the low expectations modern philosophy has set for humans in general.

Defying low expectations takes special courage and watchfulness. It takes courage to reach for a higher goal when everyone around you is sitting in mediocrity and is content to let you do the same.

Making the decision to follow God, even in defiance to others' expectations, raises the bar considerably. Not only are you measuring against a higher standard—God's standard—but you are also an example to those around you of what it means to follow God. That is a grave responsibility, and it requires constant watchfulness to maintain godliness.

Alex and Brett Harris have written the books Do Hard Things and Start Here. The rebelution resulted: a movement that they define as "a teenage rebellion against low expectations." Teenagers and young adults, however, are not the only ones who must rebel against society's expectations in order to follow God. Adults must rebel by living within their means and not trying to keep up with the Joneses, by being faithful to their obligations. Men must rebel by being strong men, taking the strong leadership role God has given them, and leading with God's will and consideration for his family at the forefront of his mind. Women must defy social convention in order to seek God's best by submitting themselves to a godly husband, keeping the home, and raising children who will seek to follow God in spite of contrary social expectations. Redheads are expected to be hotheaded. Whites are expected to be prejudiced against non-whites. Blacks are expected to be lazy and hostile. Living for God means having the faith, courage, and watchfulness to rebel against low expectations set for us, looking only to God's will for our validation and fulfillment.

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