Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Is Change?

In order for our generation to be able to choose change wisely, we must first discover what change is and whether a particular change would be beneficial or not. Change is "making or becoming different, exchange or replacement, variance from routine, coins, money given back, money exchanged for higher denomination. . . transition from something, . . . ." Certain changes are necessary and beneficial, but others are equally undesirable.

While risk is inherent within change (as we may see through the potentially devastating effects of change), there is also risk in remaining stationary. We must assess and weigh the risks of each proposed change in order to choose whether, in that particular situation, it would be better to change or to remain the same. Our embracing any change, just because it is change and claims that it will bring progress, is not apt to bring the results that we would likely choose upon further reflection. We must be willing to risk change for progress, but we must also be cautious in choosing those changes lest they send us "[f]orward, forward, ay, and backward, downward too into the abysm!"