Friday, July 16, 2010

Making or Becoming Different

Young people today (as have young people of all times) have the courage and enthusiasm necessary to "change the world" forever. These attitudes are the unique contribution of our generation, but we do not always use them wisely. Many young people choose rebellion against all social norms as their method for changing the world around them, but rebellion does not bring the satisfaction they seek. Rather, rebellious children grow into selfish, unfulfilled adults who then attempt to force their own disillusionment on following generations.

There is a proper way of harnessing the energy of today's youth to make this world a better place; it does not consist solely in making the world different, but rather in becoming different ourselves. We must take responsibility for the change. Following the cultural norms for adolescents will not achieve this goal, nor will rebelling against all cultural institutions; but there is a way. We must be visionary and do hard things (as Alex and Brett Harris advise us) by becoming the change this world needs. Making and becoming different are actually the same thing in this case because becoming different is the only way to make a difference.